Diesel car drivers now have to pay extra charge to park the vehicle in Central London

Diesel car driver in Westminster have to pay extra charges to park diesel cars. This step has taken to battle air pollution.

This charge is a trail version for a period from April. Drivers of diesel- powered cars and vans will pay an additional 50%. This hike would be an extra burden of an hour to park on the street in Marylebone, the polluted area.

Reason behind the Step:

Vehicle emissions especially diesel fumes are increasing manifolds in the capital. It breached its annual air pollution limit just five days into 2017. Moreover, a cold snap with very still air, dense traffic and the popularity of wood-burning stoves worsen the situation.

Criticizing the situation in London, Mayor Sadiq Khan said “shameful state of London’s toxic air” and called on the government to do more.

Cllr David Harvey, the Westminster city council cabinet member for the environment, sports and community said that this step would compel people to think twice about using this highly polluted cars. It will lead to invest in cleaner transport.

Westminster city council says the money raised through the trial of the “polluter pays” parking scheme will be spent on boosting sustainable transport. If the scheme succeeds in changing people’s behaviour it could be rolled out to other parts of the borough, the council said.


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