The Book of Dust: Philip Pullman is finally publishing that long-promised follow-up

Finally after years of speculation “His Dark Materials” author Philip Pullman is back with his much awaited follow up.

The Book of dust, which was first hinted in his early publication The Amber Spyglass in 2000, will be out in October in Britain and the U.S.

Talking about the pitch of the story Pullman said that it will start and end with his all-time favorite character Lyra, the heroine of the previous books, along with other familiar characters. The story will also focus on an ordinary boy who is caught up in terrifying adventure with Lyra.

“The Book of Dust centers on the struggle between a despotic and totalitarian organization, which wants to stifle speculation and inquiry, and those who believe thought and speech should be free.” Pullman said

“The story reflected the vision of William Blake; “his idea of a fiercely reductive way of seeing things: it’s right or wrong; it’s black or white. He said that was far too limiting and we should bring out truer human vision when we see things, surround them all with a sort of penumbra of imagination and memories and hopes and expectations and fears and all these things. It’s an attack on the reductionism, the merciless reductionism, of doctrines with a single answer.”

Lyra in this novel portrayal two periods of her life: – as a baby and 10 years after His Dark Material ended. Besides Lyra, creations such as daemons, Magisterium as well as alethiometers (a clock-like truth-telling device) will also be there to excite you.

Pullman’s last book “His Dark Materials” received severe criticism from Christian groups over his negative depiction of organized religion. For that reason the book has been pulled from some Catholic school library in Canada and the United States over the years.

Pullman believes most objections to his books come from people who haven’t read them. “His Dark Materials” took its title form John Milton’s biblical epic poem “Paradise Lost,” and Pullman’s saga has a searching spirituality running alongside its mistrust of organized religion.

The Book of Dust Published by Random House Children’s in U.S. and Penguin Random House Children’s in U.K.

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