Amazon home security camera, possibly with Alexa, leaks on retailer’s sit

Amazon keep extending it business by adding new products and services. This time Amazon is entering into the home security camera business.

The news came after AFTVnews found the image of newly discovered product on the company’s own web servers. The image shared is some sort of easily- positionable camera with a blue light circling the lens. With the white exterior design and black central camera area the new camera have two mics at the top and at each corner of the camera.

The design hinted that the camera is designed for indoor home usage, not unlike the Nest Cam or similar competing products. The camera will likely support nighttime recording, as it appears there are four LED lights nestled around the blue circle. And that blue circle is perhaps the most exciting feature.

There are matching, smaller circles. My best guess is that those are infrared sensors. If you’re wondering about AFTVnews’ credibility, the site previously leaked the first images of the Roku 4. Amazon’s already listening to you with the Echo; pretty soon the company might have a gadget watching your home, as well.

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